The Resort

Sidney Burros (1917-1994) owed and operated a resort on the southwest end of the lake for a number of years,  The resort had a nice sandy swimming beach, an office/store building, at least 4 cabins and a bathhouse.  The resort was closed in 1975 and the cabins and lots were auctioned off on October 25, 1977.  Sidney continued to live in the office/store building until his death in 1994.  Three cabins and the brick bathhouse are still standing. 
Area residents remember the resort as being a popular place for families to swim and picnic.  At times,half the population of Evansville would be present.

It is not known exactly when the resort started but it was sometime after Sidney returned from serving in WWII.  The 1966 topo map that follows clearly shows the resort buildings in the southwest corner of the lake at that time.  Note the lack of development on the lake at that time – no cabins yet!