• Dam Name: STOWE LAKE
  • NID#: MN00172
  • County: DOUGLAS
  • Section/Township/Range: S13 T129N R40W
  • Longitude: -95.64539
  • Latitude: 45.98799

Current Condition and Changes:

The dam is in poor condition and is no longer functional. The concrete is in ruinous condition, and its weathering loss in general is greater than what is expected for dams of this era (more than 4 inches lost). The concrete also shows signs of structural distress as evidenced by disintegration at the corners of the abutments and the tipping of the abutments into the lake. The dam has not been altered. All of the piers are in poor condition. The dikes and earth fill in the abutments are eroded away.

Description of Original Project:

The dam is a Works Progress Administration project built for lake level control and to provide employment opportunities. It was built in 1936. The dam has five stop log bays, with each being 5 feet wide. In 1939 it was authorized to have no stop logs in place. It was built with a wooden catwalk without hand railings.

The earthen slopes around the abutments and shoreline were paved with hand-placed fieldstone. The dam was constructed in a wetland with built dikes on either side to link high ground to high ground.


Erosion has completely removed the fill behind the right abutment making the dam nonfunctional. A large wetland exists immediately downstream of the dam and the control structure for the wetland normally controls the elevation of Stowe Lake. The outlet control structure for the wetland is operated to benefit wildlife. The dam was last inspected and photographed on August 30, 2000.

Spring 2014